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Issue 97 Spring 2015
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AGM Agenda
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Trading Report 2014
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Show Committee Report 2014
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Membership Secretary’s Report 2014
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Syd’s Snippets
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Annual Show Special Dahlia Class
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John Lintern / Trading Update
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Seeds Bring and Buy at the Spring Show
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Spring Show programme
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FGA Calendar 2015
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Cookery classes for the Spring Show
Seed Box opening on Tuesdays suspended
We regret to announce that the Seed Box will no longer open on
Tuesday evenings.
For very many years the Tuesday trading at the Seed Box has been
run mainly by Dave Pateman. He is no longer able to keep up this
commitment and other members of the Executive Committee are
not in a position to take over. We are very grateful to Dave for
providing this service to members for so long.
Syd Pye, Chairman
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The Flitwick Gardeners’ Association
We are an association run by members, for members. Our aim is
to promote gardening in Flitwick and the surrounding villages.
We have a members’ shop ‘The Seed Box’ where we try to stock
useful items including seeds, tools and chemicals at very
competitive prices. There is a library and a small range of loan
We also run shows, organise an annual quiz and run the
occasional trip to visit a garden.
How to Find us
The Seed Box is situated behind the Flitwick Leisure Centre on
Steppingley Road.
Seed Box Opening Hours
7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. (Feb to Nov)
2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. (Feb to Nov)
Outside of these hours you can always leave a message for us
on the answering machine on 01525 717289
Email addresses
General enquiries etc.
Show info and entries
Web site address
Web site
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To consider the motion proposed by the Secretary and seconded
ion, Joining Fee and Re
Surcharge to the Annual Subscription Fee where applied remains
Nominations for the four Officer appointments are to be lodged at the Seed
Box or with the Secretary, Colin Stennett, 10 Salisbury Road, Flitwick,
Beds, MK45 1UD at least 21 days prior to the meeting.
Spring 2015 page
23 April 2015
The Rufus Centre, Flitwick
Apologies for absence.
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 3 April 201
Presentation of Annual Reports.
Presentation of the Financial Report.
Chairman’s Address.
Election of officers:-
Trading Secretary
Executive Committee
Sub-Committee Additional Members
Honorary Auditor
by the Treasurer that the Annual Subscript
Joining Fee remain unchanged at £2.00 each and that the
unchanged at £3.
Report on the future of the Seed Box.
Proposals on the future of mid-week opening.
Any other business.

Page 4
Current Committee Members
Honorary Life Members:
Linda Pitts
, Dougie Rees, Cliff White
Spring 2015 page
Executive Committee
Syd Pye
Colin Stennett
Dave Pateman
Jim Godden
J-P. R. Carter
Laurie Arnold
Cliff White
Sandra Ridgeway
Jonathan Wilde
Ann Lutley
Anne Corbett
Show Committee
Dave Empson
Kath Stennett
Ian Holman
Dave Empson,
Secretary and Show Secretary
Trading Secretary
Deputy Chairman and Show
Seeds and Deputy Trading Secretary
Show Committee
Membership Secretary
and Rota Co-ordinator
Publications Officer and Deputy

Page 5
Trading Report 2014
Where does the time go? Another year has passed and we are all
one year older. However, gardening last year was a delight and
personally very successful in spite of a lot else happening in my life,
not least a complete refurbish of the outside of my house and a wife
breaking her ankle. Having to cook for a couple of months really
made me appreciate the allotment produce, including that stored in
the freezer for future use. I could not have managed without it.
Enough of me, what about FGA trading! Well another successful
year. Seed potato deposits were slightly lower than in previous
years which decreased total turnover slightly. Overall turnover
increased which is great as generally our prices rose very little last
The Open Weekend was a great success with the major change of
moving the stall from outside Barclays to having it outside Tesco.
Thanks to the manager for allowing us to do this. We also had a
very welcome return of the Carnival allowing us to meet many
people of Flitwick, recruit a few, and have a great plant selling
opportunity at the end of the plant selling season. Overall our
wastage on plants in 2014 was the lowest I can remember.
The availability of 10 seed packs of potatoes was very popular and
while we sold many more bags of potatoes, we had increased
wastage. For 2015 I reduced the order considerably and hopefully
will avoid such wastage recurring. In spite of the high wastage we
still managed to make a small profit on potatoes which was good.
We made a few hanging baskets and tubs for the Carnival! The
hanging baskets looked great and sold very well but the tubs
attracted less interest, general feedback being they are difficult to
transport. If you would be interested in us producing either of these
for you in 2015, please see me to discuss what we can do for you.
You may also have noticed the reduction in the number of variants
of hanging baskets and liners. This has allowed me to purchase
these at silly prices and this is passed on to you. They are
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Page 6
available, if hidden, all year. Again, we are there to assist, just ask.
The cost of terracotta plastic pots has increased dramatically over
the last few years, I suspect because they cannot use recycled
plastic. As a result, in 2014 I started moving from terracotta to black
pots. As always, any comment on this is invited.
Compost is one of our largest areas of turnover. We had to increase
the cost of 4 bags of Clover but they remained excellent value and
we still sold out.
The revamp of the loan tools started with the purchase of two new
lawn fertiliser spreaders, see more elsewhere in the magazine.
Dobies changed their scheme for societies and now members have
to order directly from Dobies quoting a code specific to FGA to get a
50% discount. (I enjoyed my bill reducing as I watched.) Generally
after initial confusion the new system was well received. Dobies
dispatch of orders was very prompt, although it slowed slightly in
January when I got around to ordering.
In 2014 I introduced a small range of Draper hose items. The
success of these has encouraged me to increase the range for
2015. I was amazed how much cheaper they are. As far as I’ve
seen they are totally compatible with Hozelock, if you have any
feedback I’d like to know.
Some ‘expert’ said that a dissatisfied customer tells 100 people
why, a satisfied one may tell 10. If you are dissatisfied, please make
me number 1 that you tell, if you are satisfied please tell 100
people, then we can prove the ‘expert’ wrong.
In summary, not a lot of change in 2014 but moving forward and
Happy Gardening
Jim Godden
Trading Secretary
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Page 7
Show Committee Report 2014
The year began with a spring show that had 30% more entries than
we’d ever had at any previous Spring Show with not only a
wonderful array of flowers but also some delicious looking, and I’m
told tasty, entries in the cookery classes (introduced into this show
for the first time).
The Annual Show was held just after some heavy rain and winds
but despite this all the flower, fruit and vegetable classes contained
a lot of very good entries. The same is also true for entries in the
home produce, photography, craft and children’s classes.
The Autumn Show also suffered with similar weather to that
preceding the Annual Show meaning that a number of people’s
entries in the flower classes were spoilt but we still managed to get
some excellent entries in all of the classes.
20 teams entered our quiz in October and by the end of the evening
only 4 points separated the top 4 teams in a keenly fought friendly
contest. All the teams again seemed to have enjoyed the evening.
All of the above events rely upon members taking the time to enter
and it’s been wonderful not only to see members who regularly
support the events still taking part but also a number of people
taking part for the first time thanks to all of you for making it
worthwhile organising these events.
I should also like to say a huge thank you to all of the people that
helped organise the events, gave support on the day with
administrative tasks, setting up and clearing down the hall and
providing refreshments.
Let’s hope that 2015 will be just as successful.
Colin Stennett
Show Secretary
Spring 2015 page 7

Page 8
Membership Secretary’s Report for the end of 2014
At the end of December 2014 we had a total of 438 fully paid up
members of the Association. This compares to 424 members at the
end of 2013.
We had 92 new members join our Association during 2014
compared to 75 new members joining in 2013.
We are retaining the £2 membership joining fee and annual
subscription of £2 for 2015.
Membership of the Association may be renewed up until the AGM
which is being held at the Rufus Centre on 23rd April 2014 starting
at 7.45pm in the Bishopsfield Room. Refreshments are available.
Members who receive their magazines by post will be charged £5
due to the cost of postage. For subscription renewals made after 23
April 2015 (AGM) we will be charging the joining fee of £2 as well
as the renewal fee due to lapsed membership.
Sandra M Ridgway
Membership Secretary
2015 Photography Classes
The photography classes for the 2015 Annual Show are:
103 - Spring
104 - Summer
105 - Autumn
106 - Winter
For the Children's photography class the subject is ‘My favourite
time of the Year’.
Spring 2015 page 8

Page 9
Syd’s Snippets
As we start another growing season I want to thank everyone who
has come forward to increase the number of volunteers helping the
FGA. Sandra has done a wonderful job over the winter in recruiting
helpers for the Seed Box rota and for the annual task of weighing
up very many bags of seed potatoes and onion sets.
At the Annual General Meeting, to be held on Thursday 23 April, the
current situation in respect of the Leisure Centre redevelopment will
be advised. We have a joint meeting arranged with Central Beds
and Flitwick Town Councils a week prior to the AGM to enable us to
provide an up to date report. Also at the AGM we will discuss the
impact of not opening the Seed Box on Tuesdays. If you feel that
there is a need for a mid-week trading session, please come along
to the AGM and let us know.
I trust that you will all enjoy another good gardening year and I look
forward to meeting many of you at the Seed Box, the AGM and the
Syd Pye
Annual Show - Special Dahlia Class
Last year we tried introducing a special Dahlia Class to the Annual
Show - unfortunately the variety and the weather conspired against
us so that those that grew them had blooms showing between the
Annual Show and the Autumn Show. This year we're going to try
again with a different variety. The Association are getting a small
number of Apache Cactus Dahlia tubers for distribution to members
wanting to grow them to show 2 dahlias at the Annual Show.
These are available now - please ask at the Seed Box if you are
interested in growing one for exhibiting at the Annual Show.
Colin Stennett
Show Secretary
Spring 2015 page 9

Page 10
John Lintern
John and I joined the Flitwick Gardeners’ Association on the same
day in 1972 and remained close friends throughout the following
years. Sadly he passed away on the 7th of February after a long
He was a scientist and for many years worked for the same
company, and then a court usher until his retirement in the mid-
1990s. For about 40 years he maintained a very good allotment on
the Station Road site and was a regular showman at the FGA
Shows winning classes on a regular basis, he certainly won the
Banksian medal and the NVS medal on more than one occasion.
He and I were long time members of the Monday Mob which
prepares the own pack goods for the Seed Box. John Lintern was
an Honorary Life Member of the FGA, past Chairman and helped
organise the Shows and FGA Quiz. Away from the garden club he
was, for many years, a Parish Councillor and was Chairman of that
forerunner of the Town Council, for a time.
John was a quiet man most of the time, but when he did make a
point it was invariably a good and sensible one. We shall mourn his
loss for all the many reasons that we shall remember him and miss
his company in the same way.
We send our most sincere condolences to June.
David Empson
Honorary Life Member
Trading Update
Many of you ordered potatoes and onions from us and I would like
to thank you for your prompt collection, more than 60% of the
orders were collected two weeks before trading started. By the time
you read this I hope to have very few potatoes and onions left, so
hurry if you still want some.
Spring 2015 page 10

Page 11
I was at a couple of garden centres and they seem to be selling 10
seed potatoes for more than double our price and one was selling
them for more than we charge for 3kgs. Many popular varieties
were fully ordered and I had to top up. This emphasises the
importance of ordering to get what you want, so please do so next
Dobies new system has been generally well received. We still have
some catalogues (as I write anyway), if you want one please help
yourself. Personally I really like the Dobies catalogue as near the
front it has as good a plant/crop guide, and I know it has a wealth of
other information as well.
A few oddments:
Armillatox now gone even as a cleaner. There are a few bottles
left, first come first served.
New Own Pack items:
o Trench fert, special fertiliser for those growing to show.
o Flower & veg food, same formula as Q4 but much
cheaper than Q4 and not trade marked.
o High N flower & veg, as above but higher nitrogen
o Cutting compost, recommended by a member who has
had great success with 90+% strike rate on ivy leaf
geraniums using it.
Slug and snail barrier gel and a wool slug/snail deterrent. The
latter appears to be as organic as anything I can ever imagine.
I’m not sure how it works, but is also suggested as mulch.
New products - Vitax Rat Bait Station and wax block
companions. Together these should ensure that small fingers,
pets and wildlife cannot access the bait.
Pathclear moving to ‘tubes’ starting this year with 3 tube packs,
more to follow?
Whitefurze propagator bases and lids in half, full and double
tray sizes, together the base and lid give the best priced
propagators I’ve seen for some time.
Spring 2015 page 11

Page 12
In February we will be starting to push our small range of hire tools.
Generally, we try to have tools of a professional standard, which I
suspect very few of us would buy personally, but which are not
powered. Why not powered? Well insurance for personal injury is
just too expensive. We charge a £10 deposit with £1 a week being
taken from the deposit when the tool is returned. When £10 is
exceeded, the boys may visit!!! Beware! Just ask at the till if you
want to hire an item. The tools currently available are:
Heavy duty loppers
Tree loppers
Water filled lawn roller
Lawn fertiliser spreader, dropper style
Lawn fertiliser spreader, rotating spray style
Backpack sprayer
Post hammer
Post hole spade
Post hole scissors
Good news, we’ve been able to hold all compost prices at last
year’s level for the second year running! I did notice though that
Sinclair (Arthur Bowers) have marginally reduced their bag size to
56 litre (sorry).
I’m sat here writing this with snow falling outside, looking forward to
three weeks holiday starting late next month. Hence all my planting,
sowing, etc., is well late already, even my digging is not as far
advanced as I would like. I’ll be back in mid-March, straight down to
it and I’m sure that by June/July I’ll yet again be marvelling at
Mother Nature managing to produce marvellous crops which taste
fantastic, even if they may be a bit later than I usually expect. A
moral for us all it’s never too late, but it can be too early.
Happy Gardening
Jim Godden
Trading Secretary
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Page 13
Till Helpers
We offer our grateful thanks, once again, to the members who
volunteer for duties at the Seed Box on a Friday evening and
Saturday afternoon. Their numbers are ever decreasing resulting in
more duties throughout the trading year for each and so this year
we are having only one person on the tills from June.
We have four new volunteers for this year so may I say a warm
welcome to Kathy Walker, Pauline Bierton, Diane Farrell and David
Farrell on behalf of the Association.
Sandra M Ridgway
Rota Co-ordinator
Seeds Bring and Buy Stall at the Spring Show
We are again running the Seeds ‘Bring and Buy’ stall so that your
unwanted seeds can be sold with proceeds going to a local charity.
Between now and the show we are asking you to collect seeds from
your plants and from unwanted packets of seeds. Please put a
reasonable number of seeds into a plain envelope and write the
name (and variety if known) of the seeds, the number and date of
the seeds. If possible, include basic growing instructions.
On the day of the show, please bring the seeds to the village hall
between 1.00pm and 2.00pm or as soon after 3.00pm as possible.
Alternatively, hand in your packets of seeds at the Seed Box or to
me at 10 Salisbury Road, Flitwick.
The packets of seeds will be on sale from 3.00pm until we finish at
roughly 4.30pm for a price of 25p per packet.
So bring along as many packets of seeds as you can and even
more importantly buy as many as possible.
Colin Stennett
Show Secretary
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Page 14
See page
Spring 2015 page
Saturday 11th April 2015 at the Village Hall
Staging of exhibits 1 2pm
Judging 2 3pm
Public admitted 3pm No admission charge
All exhibitors must be paid up members of the FGA or members of the immediate
family of a paid up member.
Entries can be made at the show when brought in for staging or email entries in
advance to:
There will be no entry fee for exhibits.
Each Exhibitor may enter up to 2 entries in any one class.
Classes 1 - 14, 17, 18, 21, 23 and 25 to be shown as cut flowers in vases to be
supplied by the FGA.
Entries for Classes 15, 16, 19, 20, 22 and 24 to 26 to be shown as grown.
All exhibits in classes 1 to 25 (inclusive) must be grown by the exhibitor in their
garden or allotment.
Pot Plants must be exhibited in terracotta or plain plastic type pots and for class 26
must have been in the exhibitor’s possession for at least 6 months.
NO Exhibit should be removed from display until after the raffle has been
completed (approximately 3:50pm).
Flitwick Gardeners Association Spring Show Best Vase in Show
Flitwick Gardeners Association Spring Show Best Bloom in Show
16 for further information on the classification of daffodils.
One Bloom Yellow Perianth
One Bloom White Perianth
One Vase, Three Blooms of one Cultivar

Page 15
(e.g. Cheerfulness, Tete a Tete)
One Pot of Narcissi, any number of bulbs, one Cultivar (Pot not to exceed
One Pot of Tulips, any number of bulbs, one Cultivar (Pot not to exceed
One Pot of growing bulbs, excluding anything mentioned above
at least 6 different types of flower
Spring 2015 page
One Bloom Yellow Perianth
One Bloom White Perianth
One Vase, Three Blooms of one Cultivar
One Bloom, any colour
One Vase, Three Blooms of one Cultivar
One Bloom, any colour
One Vase, Three Blooms of one Cultivar
Multi-headed Daffodil Cultivar
One Stem
One Vase of Three Stems of one Cultivar
Any Other Daffodil Cultivar not mentioned above
One Stem
One Vase of Three Stems of one Cultivar
Pot of Daffodil from any of the Divisions
300 mm (12 Inches) diameter)
One Pot of Narcissi (Daffodils)
One Bloom
One Vase, three Blooms of one Cultivar
300 mm (12 inches) diameter)
One Pot of growing Polyanthus or Primula
One Stem of Hyacinth
One Pot of one or more Hyacinths
One Vase of Flowering Shrub of one or more varieties
One Vase of Mixed Flowers
Any Other Pot Plant (Flowering or Foliage)
One Decorated Hardboiled Egg (Children only)
A Chocolate Cake (homemade)
A Quiche (homemade)

Page 16
The Basic Daffodil Dictionary
Anther the pollen-bearing part of the stamen
Corona refers to the cup or trumpet
Filament the stalk of the stamen
Pedicel is the ‘neck’ of the flower which joins it to the stem
Perianth refers to the petals
Reflexed petals are those which are angled away from the corona
Stamen the male part of the flower, consisting of filament and anther
Further, more detailed information can be found on the Royal Horticultural
Society web site at
Horticultural classification of Daffodils
Division 1: Trumpet
One flower to each stem. The corona is as long or longer
than the perianth.
Examples: Golden Harvest, Rembrandt
Division 2: Large Cupped
One flower to each stem. The corona is more than one
third but less than equal to the length of the perianth.
Examples: Armada, Carlton, Ceylon, Desdemona
Division 3: Small Cupped
One flower to each stem. The corona is NOT more than
one third the length of the perianth.
Examples: Angel, Barret Browning, Birma, Lemonade
Division 4: Double
One or more flowers per stem, with doubling of the
perianth segments or corona or both.
Examples: Acropolis, Golden Ducat, Unique
Division 5: Triandrus
Usually two or more pendent flowers per stem, perianth
segments often reflexed.
Examples: Rippling Waters, Thalia, Hawera
Spring 2015 page 16

Page 17
Division 6: Cyclamineus
Division 7: Jonquilla and Apodanthus
Division 10: Bulbicodium
Division 11: Split Corona
Spring 2015 page
Division 8: Tazetta
Division 9: Poeticus
Division 12: Other
Division 13: Other
One flower per stem; perianth segments prominently
reflexed. Flower at an acute angle to the stem with a very
short pedicel.
Examples: Charity May, Dove Wings, Jetfire
Usually 1 to 5 (more rarely up to 8) flowers per stem;
perianth segments spreading or reflexed; corona cup
shaped, funnel shaped or flared, usually wider than long;
flowers usually fragrant.
Examples: Lintie, Suzy, Sweetness
Usually 3 to 20 flowers to a stout stem; perianth segments
spreading (not reflexed); flowers usually fragrant.
Example: Geranium
Usually one flower to a stem; perianth segments white;
corona very short or disc shaped, usually with a green/
yellow centre and a red rim, but sometimes of a single
colour; flowers usually fragrant.
Example: Actaea
Usually one flower to a stem; perianth segments
insignificant compared to the corona; anthers dorsifixed (ie
attached more or less centrally to the filament); filament
and style usually curved.
Examples: Golden Bells, Julia Jane, Nylon
Corona is split, usually for more than half its length.
a) corona segments opposite the perianth
segments; the corona segments usually in
two whorls of three
b) corona segments alternate to the perianth
segments; the corona segments usually in a
single whorl of
Examples: Articol, Broadway Star
Miscellaneous cultivars which do not fit above
Cultivars distinguished solely by botanical name.

Page 18
Flitwick Gardeners' Association
As at 11 April, 2013
1.Name: The name of the Association shall be the Flitwick Gardeners' Association.
2.Objects: To promote the interests of gardeners and allotment holders and to
take joint action for the benefit of members; To conduct negotiations in respect of
land; To take such steps as may be required by the local Authority for the good
management and cultivation of allotments; To protect members from damage,
trespass and theft; To arrange for instruction, lectures, discussions, exhibitions,
and competitions and to distribute literature pertaining to these objectives.
3.Members: The Association shall consist of persons who are resident within the
Town of Flitwick. Non-residents of Flitwick whose application for membership is
approved by the Committee may join but may not vote at any General Meeting.
4.Fees and Subscriptions: There will be a joining fee for all new members and for
lapsed members applying to rejoin after membership has lapsed in accordance
with Rule 5. Every member shall pay an annual subscription, payable in advance
of the due date of January 1st. Members receiving the magazine by Royal Mail
shall pay an annual surcharge. The amount of the joining fee and of the annual
subscription and the surcharge shall be set annually by the Annual General
5.Arrears: Any member who is three months in arrears with his subscription shall
be deemed to have ceased to be a member, unless explanation is given to the
Committee in writing of extenuating circumstances.
6.Officers: The Officers shall be Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Trading
Secretary. All Officers shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.
7.Committee: The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive
Committee of not less than eight members. A quorum shall be of not less than five
members. Vacancies arising may be filled by co-option on the authority of the
Executive Committee. All members shall retire annually and a fresh Committee be
elected at each Annual General Meeting. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-
8.General Meetings: An Annual General Meeting shall be held during March or
April each year. 14 days' notice shall be given and a quorum shall be ten
members. At the meeting shall be presented the Secretary's Report and a set of
Audited Accounts and the Officers and Executive Committee Members elected for
the coming year. The Financial Year shall be from the First of January until the
Thirty-First of December. The Secretary shall have authority to convene an
Extraordinary General Meeting at any time after giving the due notice but he shall
always do so if so requested by no less than ten general members in writing.
Spring 2015 page 18

Page 19
9.Discussions at Meetings: No party political or sectarian discussions shall be
raised or resolutions proposed, at any Committee, sub-committee or General
Meeting of the Association.
10.Funds: The Committee shall open an account with a Bank selected by the
Executive Committee in the name of the Flitwick Gardeners Association and all
monies received from any source on behalf of the Association shall be passed
through the Treasurer or his nominee to be paid into the account. Cheques shall
be signed by two signatories authorised by the Executive Committee one of whom
shall always be the Treasurer or his nominee. But cheques may be signed by one
Officer below £100.
11.Auditors: There shall be appointed two Auditors who are not members of the
Executive Committee to audit the accounts and submit their reports to the Annual
General Meeting. Only one auditor need be appointed if the auditor is a Chartered
Accountant or person with an equivalent qualification.
12.Affiliation: The Association shall affiliate itself to any suitable Group providing it
is non-political or non-sectarian and shall pay such annual affiliation fees as may
from time to time be prescribed. Nominees may be appointed to represent the
Association at the various organisations as determined from time to time.
13.Offences: The Executive Committee may terminate the membership of a
member whose conduct is proved to their satisfaction to be detrimental to the
Association or to the interests of his/her fellow members. Any charge against a
member must be communicated in writing. An appeal from a decision of the
Executive Committee may be made to a Special General Meeting on the
requisition in writing of three members to the Secretary who will convene an Extra-
ordinary General Meeting as soon as possible to hear the appeal.
14.Conversion, Dissolution, Etc: The Association may be converted into a
registered society, or may be dissolved, or these rules may be amended by a two-
thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote at a General Meeting convened
with the due fourteen days' notice. The notice convening the General Meeting shall
list the reason(s) for calling it.
15.Matters arising not covered by these Rules: Any matter not covered by the
rules may be dealt with by the Executive Committee at its sole discretion.
Spring 2015 page 19

Page 20
__rendered_path__8 __rendered_path__9
Flitwick Gardeners’ Association Calendar
11 April
Spring Show
23 April
Annual General Meeting
9 May
Plant Sale at Tesco car park
9 & 10 May
Seed Box Open Days
13 June
FGA stall at Flitwick Carnival
22 August
Annual Show
3 October
Autumn Show
29 October
FGA Quiz
Cookery classes for the Spring Show
Following last year’s success, we are continuing with two cookery
classes in the Spring Show, although they'll probably be staged at
the opposite end of the hall from the checking in table to stop me
being tempted into trying them before the judging.
This year the classes are for a Chocolate Cake and a Quiche.
Colin Stennett
Show Secretary
Free Onion Sets
We will have at the Spring show, and afterwards at the Seed Box,
onion sets for children to grow at home for exhibiting at the Annual
Show. Make sure your children, and grandchildren, get theirs!
Colin Stennett
Show Secretary
Spring 2015 page 20