The Flitwick Gardeners Association can be found on Facebook. We have both a group and a page as described below

Flitwick Gardeners' Association Facebook Group

This group is run by two of our members and is aimed at members and prospective members of the FGA. Once you are a member you can post your pictures and gardening success or failure stories, ask advice or simply chat with other like minded people about gardening, the FGA or life in general.

For your peace of mind this is a "closed" group meaning that requests to join must be approved by an administrator thus ensuring that anyone making inappropriate posts can be easily and quickly removed.

Simply follow the link below and click "Join" you will be notified when your membership is approved
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Flitwick Gardeners Association -FGA Facebook Page

The page is aimed more at advertising our Association to the public so here you will find a summary of our activities and posts about each of our events all of which can be seen by anyone on Facebook. It is of course possible to post a message here and we will always endeavour to answer any questions.

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Facebook group
Facebook page