Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this years Spring Show has been held by submission of photographs. Nine people took part and there were a total of 51 entries. We'd like to thank everyone who joined in for sharing their lovely pictures, especially the children who went to so much trouble with their decorated eggs!

Best in show was this vase of lovely flowers (Class 13) from Richard Marriott

Best in Show

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Show report Class 1 Daffodil One bloom yellow petals Class 2 Daffodil One bloom white petals Class 3 Daffodils One vase of three blooms Class 4 Narcissi One pot Class 6 Tulip One bloom Class 7 Tulips One vase of three blooms Class 8 Tulips One pot Class 9 Hyacinth One bloom Class 10 Hyacinth One pot Class 11 A vase of flowering shrubs Class 12 A pot of any other bulbs Class 13 A vase of mixed flowers Class 14 A flowering pot plant Class 16 Children - Decorated egg