Following the success of last week's re-opening the Seedbox will be open again for the sale of a limited range of products on Saturday 23rd May 2-4pm and on future Saturdays while possible. Payment by Card is strongly preferred but payment by cash will be possible.

Items available will be limited to;
   Compost etc brought to you from the compost room
   Slug killer, 1 variety.
   Bug killer, 1 variety.
   Chempak foods.
   The most common own packs.
   Canes, bundled in packs of 10.
   Hanging basket liners (one price any size).
   Within reason a volunteer can fetch other items but you will not be able to look around inside the shop.

Entry to the building will only be permitted to make payment.

Membership Renewals for 2020
If you have been unable to renew your membership please do not worry as we will be extending your membership until after the end of this crisis. Please just try to remember to pop in and renew once the Seed Box is able to open again.


Autumn show 2019

Autumn show
Second largest autumn show on record!
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Annual Show 2019

Summer show
Another great show!
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Spring show 2019

Spring show
Daffodils galore!
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A Guide to Exhibiting at FGA Shows

A Guide to Exhibiting at FGA Shows

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5th June 2020

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